"apocalypse blues" citizens moving into the large fallout shelter

what do you guys think?

i like it :slight_smile:

btw what map is that?

I like it, but in my opinion, it doesn’t look very “apocolypse-like” if you know what i mean… well, more simply, it looks too new. I don’t know if you were going for that or not, but i don’t know! xD

fallout shelters should look new

Fallout Shelters you said?

IMO they dont have to look new. I think they should look dirty and rushed.

well vault 101 had a very clean interior at some points

Like the overseers office yeah but the rest was kinda dirty.

Yeah but it had also been around after the apocalypse for one hundred years so it would start showing a little grime. Assuming this picture takes place as or before the apocalypse is happening it would look at least decently clean.

Not 100. 200. 2077 was the apocalypse, Fallout 3 takes place in 2277.

does anyone find the picture depressing at all?