"Apocalypse Camp."

“After the Great Fires tore through our land, many died… not from the fires, but in their wake. They died of hunger, thirst, radiation, bullets, and blades… We fought ourselves for the meager supplies left, and eventually became estranged from even our own friends… Some banded together, if they had enough resources, and some split apart… I’m still unsure as to which I should have done…
The areas immediately outside cities all died off, where the massive populations fought great wars. Wars that had thousands of sides, each person or family their own force. Those that survived took to making their own armor, and weapons, or stealing when they ventured back into the cities. These ‘costumes’ would often look strange, or frightening, and would be made of anything from other dead people to shredded tires… Camps became packrat heavens, where anything and everything useful would be collected and stored, in the event that the residents would ever need it.”


Cluster-fuck with a random lens-flare if you ask me.

Posing is good though I suppose and I like the horses.

As for your writing, don’t overdo it on the ellipses.

Well… the posing’s nice.

What are elipses, thanks for the horse comment,and I know it’s too much stuff, but I was going through all of my props checking what’s apocalyptic… not entirely sure why I even edited it, but once I did I felt obliged to put it here and write a short story on it…

Ellipses are a series of three full-stops (“periods” to some people). They work well when used sparingly and in the right places but if you use them four times in less than one hundred words it just looks silly.

Well better than a hole

Looks a bit busy, but nice

Grigori’s gun seems to be held wierdly.

I like it.

Just that the lens flare kills the picture.