Apocalypse Gamemode

If you don’t like stupid ideas, I recommend you do not read this.

Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Alright, so the year is 20…something…something… And guess what? It’s the end of the world. Nope, wasn’t nukes that did us in, nor was it bio warfare, not enough terrorists. Sorry, not zombies either. What did us in was our heavy reliance on electronics, and it’s threatened us with extinction.

A year or so ago, things… hit the fan. A strange nearby astral occurence, caused the earth to became blanketed in a thick layer of energy, it disabled all our electronics. As for as scientists could tell, it’s never going to go away. So now we’ve got to rely on mechanical, and the closest we’re likely going to get to electronics and such, is steam powered. Or it would seem, for the most of us. A few years ago, governments around the world received notices from a mysterious organization letting them know this would happen, but it went ignored and unnoticed. They sure wish to hell they had now though.

So that’s the main plot, I’ll add more whenever.

In the gamemode, it mainly relies on scavenging and such in a post-apocalyptic world, where you can create different guns and contraptions, but the main resource that’s also like the money is coal, so get lots of that. So what did you guys think?

And now, for something completely different!

-Snip, nevermind.- :confused:

One tip: don’t be the ideas guy. It really pisses people on Facepunch off.

On a lighter note, I would love to code something like this. However, I’m coding so many other things at the moment that… I can’t really do it.

I like the story behind this gamemode. It’s different yet it makes sense. For some reason, I think of some of the mechanical types of weaponry from Bioshock when I think of this.

Yes, I like the storyline too - but the suggested gameplay seems too unoriginal. Maybe if you could come up with some unique gameplay.

Better storyline: Sudden, intense solar flare activity from the sun causes a massive EMP. Most electronics are destroyed. The resulting chaos and breakdown of society kills the possibility of producing more, and thus causes a technological apocalypse.

Same idea, more scientifically accurate, less Star Trek-esque ‘energy’ being a magic substance used to fuel plot devices.

Er what? Wow, I didn’t actually expect this really much of a good reception… I guess I’ll try getting it done, anybody got a coal model?

Also, what ideas in mind do you have for making your own contraptions?

You could just use placeholder models. Just something round will do, like that helicopter bomb thing from HL2.

Hmmmm, Well I’m not sure, it was just a whole story line concept I threw together, but I’ll have to do some thinking and probably get back to you guys, but let me ask, should it be team-based?

That’s up to you, it depends on what the gameplay is. Do you want a fast-paced action game, in which nothing saves across map changes and the game ends in 5-25 minutes? Or do you want a much slower game, MMO styled?

It’ll probably be MMO like, but either way, do you think you could perchance help me with coding?

It depends. I don’t fancy doing much work specifically for the gamemode, but I do happen to have an inventory system I designed for large-scale use - think 100s of items, maybe even possibly 1000s, spread over the map without lag. I could help you integrate it with your gamemode, if you wish. How good are you with Lua?

Not the best, I’ll say that right now…

Well, how far do you reckon you could get if you worked by yourself and started this gamemode now?

Well guys, I think I’ve got a good idea of how this gamemode might work out. Although only in the sense of the plot and the world being changed greatly in that sense, either case I’ll still be working on this.

It seems alright