"Apocalypse my ass this is the best time I ever had" A yet unnamed Survivor killing UnDead

Thank you for the models Ehanced :buddy:


massive finger clipping on the firing gun

Excellent posing with the chest.
And fantastic faceposing on the infected on the far right. Really threatening.

Your infected, 3 or 4 from the right, standing in front of the women, facial expression is awesome.

Title made me laugh.

Forgot that HL2 models stretch the Textures. Also Infected arent face posable but I could have used another model. Dangit.

Shit, looked fine ingame.



Massive torso twisting and dem pants

You could have properly used the inflator by spawning another model, or an actual HL2 model there and edited that vest in.

Okay I tried fixing it.
Better now?

looks better

His pants are made of rock?


Changed it a bit.

It still looks like he’s half statue…

Gonna use another model next time

Chicago Ted?

Light is good, but the model looks blocky.

Dunno but he will be in 2-3 pics before he dies and I never use him again.
Name suggestion?

THAT FACE :byodood: