" Apocalypse Please "


my first thread in facepunch :smiley:

where’s the picture?

  • that was error again :frowning: wait

now it shows up, not bad

Finally, i fixed it :smile:

Have you got the original? It would be nice to see it without any editing.



The only thing I didn’t like was the positioning of the right hand. Other than that it’s pretty damn impressive for your first thread.

If this is meant to be a first thread, then it is pure genius.

I appauld you, sire.

hm, not fond of the filter

This is really nice, like what you did with the outside of the window.

i like it

What filter is that?

Very lovely.

used Topaz Clean 3.0.2 Filter

Really interesting picture, it’s your first thread but hardly your first pose, am I right?

The right hand posing is pretty awkward, but other then that great work!

Hope to see more from you!

Wow, great for a first! Nice job.