Apocalypse Roleplay: A New Community

Hello, I recently bought two modes and two servers, running perfect fine 99% of the time, with forums, but not too many people and hope to post here and get people.

The Forums: http://apocalypseroleplay.freeforums.org/index.php

***New Vegas Roleplay: ***
Playing on RP_CSCDesert_v2-1_Propfix
***Half-Life 2 Roleplay: ***
Playing on RP_City8

Thanksss ;D

What makes you different to everybody else?

No one will take you seriously with a free forum.

You didn’t buy those gamemodes, they are obvious leaks.

And if he did buy them, he bought garrysmod gamemodes. Sorry kid, but hosting a server isn’t for you. Try going outside. I promise it doesn’t burn.

Yeah, to be completely honest, server hosting is a stressful, frustrating and sometimes annoying process.

And I also doubt this kid has any lua scripting experience. Soon the gamemode will break and he will come here begging for a fix

Uh yeah, actually, he did buy, both of these gamemodes, he actually bought all openaura gamemodes, you guys dont have to be assholes. Who cares if its a freeforums? Not me. Im sure, If he wanted, he could get a real website.