Apocalypse Survivor Fire His Pistol At a Threat

Decided to practice around with filters and such. Yes, I know there seems to be a blueish hue to the image. I hate it too.
(and yes, I see the grammar error in the title. It should be “Fires his pistol” not “fire his pistol”.)


He is holding his pistol awfully lightly, its like there is no recoil, and the duffle bag is hovering off of him a little, but overall good job.

(One last thing, don’t make a wisp of smoke rising over a muzzle flash like that. It detracts from the flash and overall doesn’t make much sense. If you want smoke, have it surrounding the flash or coming out of the ejection port, but not a weird little wisp)

Yeah, that’s the one bit that bugged me the most. It was pretty much the only way I could easily pull off a gun pose, I hate doing them.

This is decent, But yea the smoke is odd, Next time put in the threat, off-screen threats aren’t as threatening.

The pistol is far too close. His arms need to be straighter.