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Now that I see it, that’s pretty fantastic!

Thanks for the help. )

The sharpen just ruins it here IMHO.

It’s a very nice scenebuild but that sharpening is a bit extreme

this would look so much better if it had proper lighting

what’s with all the recent scenebuilds lacking all and any kinds of shadows

I like it.

Still trying to find Waldo…

The scenebuild is incredible but the sharpen/chromatic aberration renders it completely ugly. Unedited version is much better.

I’d say its because of the lamp glitches, if it were to have properly decent shadows it would be a plethora of lamps needed.

Besides from the proper lighting it also lacks fog. Fog helps to build a sense of depth to scenebuilds.

Whoa holy ****, this is a VERY excellent scene build!

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