Apocalyptic dumbasses. [Featuring Asian Kid yo]





Doesn’t really belong to comic section.

I like the kids face on the 2nd slide.



Lil Asian kid is still badass.

It has speech bubbles, it has multiple frames. Yes it does.

Oh you

uhh it technically is a comic and we have a section for comics

All I see is a bunch of pixels seperated in 4 different images. Also these bunch of pixels seperated in 4 different images are a gift for S&M section, not these bunch of idiots of the comic section.


so basically you want more attention since less people visit the comics section

It works, yo. I do it too.

Made me lol

I don’t know if to rate this a dumb or funny.

Funny, a Frenchman cannot be dumb.


LOL this cracked me up. Have smiley.