Apocalyptic Survivor Camp

|| Starting off ||
I started off just wanting to make a dilapidated church but I slowly started to lean towards a survivors camp. Its still early in development but I like receiving feedback and suggestions. I’m hoping to make this on of my larger maps.

|| Texturing ||

This portion took way to long but after a lot of experimentations I was able to get the outside walls looking good

|| Progression ||

|| Current Progress ||

With the addition of widows and the stairway I think this church is starting to come together. Please leave any suggestions or criticism down in the comments.

Ill try my best to keep this thread up to date.
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


The outside walls look really cool! Interesting texturing technique.

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Thank you, it was pretty tedious. Hotspots are great though

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Started on the apartment building for the survivor camp, took heavy inspiration from the main building in Alexandria (TWD)…

|| Blocked out ||

|| First texture run ||

remade the entire building before texturing due to scale issues and some issues with the balcony’s…

|| Trim and Progress ||

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