Apocalyptic Truck for Gmod

For my machinima series i will need a Large 18 wheeler truck but in a apocalyptic style. I can’t find one so it would be nice if someone could make one or send me one if i didn’t search good enough.

Some pics of what i mean:


Or you could download this

And just put some metal on it and what not.

Since you’re doing a Machinima i can’t see you not doing that because you people are patient.

Death Race was a great cheesy movie.

and the old ones were too from what I could tell.

Yeah, they were.

More of a guilty pleasure nowadays than actually considered film.

OR you could use the L4D DLC armored van.

The problem is i will be doing a live action machinima so it’s basicly a real race without retakes and when i’ve got 10 cars racing and a truck with a million props it will lag like hell so i would like to use as minimum props as possable.