Apocalyptic Zombie RP

I rented a server recently and was thinking about making it into a RP with zombies. kinda like the whole land of the dead idea a few years back. ex: go into town to get supplies, shoot the zombies, bring back parts to build bigger base, find guns. etc. incorporating vehicles and what not. Whats the best way of doing this? i was thinking getting dark RP and just toying around with it until it fits. Anyone willing to help me make the server?

steam ID : anarchy2351423

What map are you thinking of using?

RP_silent hill. Gm_atomic. some other role playing city maps. another good looking one is ovis city v4.

What is that?.

That would be a username, not a id…

I really like this idea. I was on a DarkRP server with zombies spawning, and it lead to some interesting scenarios. Also, it makes the RP more fun (you get to shoot zombies), without it leading to deathmatching (which is pretty good for a random DarkRP server).

I would help with it if you need any.

My mistake. lol i meant steam user name. not idea. but yea just add that on steam. and sure. mainly i need help with lua stuff. i got the addons and things that i need. i got the server as well. just need staff and admins along with custom lua coding. shouldnt be toooo hard. :stuck_out_tongue: