Apparantly my steam account is being used somewhere else. It's not.

Right. I join a server. It doesn’t even get to the file downloading step without it saying:

"Account Used Elsewhere

This Steam account has been used to log in from another computer. To continue using Steam, you need to log in again."

No one else is on my steam account (that I know of :ohdear:) and getting into TF2 servers is fine. Could one of my add-on’s be causing this? I would like to know ASAP because playing singleplayer isn’t as fun.

Delete clientregistry.blob

I’ll test it now.


Wait, where is that located?

reset your pass word some one reset mine a bot in china(blacklisted) got alot of accounts and changew pws but my email stoped it so i win they lose

I’m sorry, what?

x:\program files\steam\clientregistry.blob

Testing nowww…


Thanks bro!

Shit I forgot to logout.