Apparently GMOD just pirated itself.

Ive owned my Gmod for a long time, and Ive played it for 1806 hours so far, and then suddenly while hosting my dedicated for me and my friend, im basically slapped in the face, kicked out of the game, and told my copy of Gmod is pirated! (The old polygon rendering whatever).

I’d seriously like to know why my Gmod suddenly decided it wasn’t legit anymore.

Heres my steam profile if you don’t believe me, ill put “Hello denizens of facepunch” in the comments.

I’m the friend he was playing with, I can confirm this 100%

Yep, got the same damn thing.

Same problem here and im no pirate

Same thing here.
Legit gmod:

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I tried running css to see if the it has the same problem too. I did not crash, however when I tried to join a server I would get a message saying “This steam account does not own this game. Please log in to the correct steam account.” This is very strange. It seems as though steam thinks that we have pirated all of our games.

Same here. Glad I’m not the only one holy shit, haha.

Booting up gmod now to check this…

Can any of you guys confirm this:

Before i got the polygon pirate error, I was playing on a server when suddenly i was booted and STEAM told me that I don’t own gmod on this account, please sign into the correct account etc etc. When i clicked ok I got hit with the polygon error and am now locked out of gmod. Is this the same for the rest of you?

Also, i tried reinstalling gmod. No luck.

I just booted up gmod and joined a server fine, dunno how far reaching this problem is…

Same here

It may take longer than that Psycho.

Same shit here. I was playing fine yesterday.

Exactly the same issue man

I just tried booting up gmod and it just closes without a message.

Although I haven’t played it in over a month, I’ll reinstall it.

I was playing in the server for at least an hour before it hit me.

Well I’ll keep playing and let you guys know if/when it happens.

Works fine for me

All good for me. This is weird as hell.