Apparently I pirated Garrysmod?

Does the whole Steam DLL isn’t worthy of our trust on line with my steam community page. I own Gmod, have for a long time.

I’ve tried deleting steam.dll and restarting steam, still no go. I’ve only been connecting to one server and it won’t work, every other server works fine. I have legitimate Gmod and have for almost 2 years. What do?

Provide a link to your steam page is the first step.

included a nice description too :slight_smile:

It says you’re in game and I just joined your server.

Yes, my original message is that some servers refuse to work for me. If you’d like I can join the one that does not work? I can even post a SS of it not working :confused:

believe me, i’m not out for shits and giggles on this. I’d rather have my problem fixed & not be banned from FP

and here’s the ip that does this to me: (hopefully not advertisement)

I’m connecting to that server now to see if it occurs to me. Have you ever cracked any steam games or otherwise?

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Nope, didn’t kick me out.