Apparently I suck at Gmod. Everything is broken.

It seems like no matter what I install, no matter what I do, no matter what map I put into the game aside from Wireconstruct, NOTHING works the way it should.

What the shit could I possibly be doing wrong?

-Kermite’s weapons spit out errors instead of shell casings.
-Not one of my mods works 100%.
-Maps I have are littered with errors and missing textures.
-Some mods just don’t show up, like the PHX mod, or maybe I’m just stupid and downloaded the wrong files.

It’s pretty straightforward what’s going on. If you guys seriously still want screenshots, fine, but I don’t much see the point.

So I’m going to start over from scratch. For the second time. Uninstalling Gmod and reinstalling clean. So let’s do it right this time.

I need a PROPER tutorial on how to install mods. Then, I need a way to UNDERSTAND an error when it occurs. So then maybe I know how to fix it!

I’ve got more than enough of a powerful computer to play Gmod. I don’t know my system stats off the top of my head, but I’m running Windows 7 and pretty much everything I run can do fine on maximum graphics.

If you bug the Orange Box and the Source Multiplayer Pack, it will get rid of the errors coming out of the guns, and most, if not all, of the map errors. And where are you installing mods?

Well, I’ve just got Portal. It was explained that allegedly if I just have at least one Steam game, all would be well. It appears my suspicions that I’d still have to buy everything else are true.

As for the locations, it’s a bit butchered. Some go into this ‘addons’ folder according to some YouTube tutorials. Others I have just go straight into the folders and copy/paste the files and merge them directly with Gmod’s normal folders. Modding games is nothing new to me, but it’s just figuring out where everything is supposed to go that becomes a pain.

Easy way to work out where a mod goes: if it has an info.txt and isn’t a gamemode, it goes into the addon folder, if it has an info.txt and is a gamemode, it goes into the gamemodes folder. Everything goes into the base folder (the one where you can access the addons, gamemodes and other folders).

If it doesn’t have an info.txt, make one.

I would recommend hexpunk’s info.txt generator (unless you happen to have the Python interpreter installed).

Also, OP: What Steam games do you have?

The content of the info.txt isn’t really required. Just copy one from another addon.

Ok, hold on, gamemode you say? This is new to me. Please detail that for me in a moment.

Although lack of a .txt would possibly explain why certain mods fail for me. I’ve so far been judging it on what I find when I open the zip. If there’s a file like “Joe’s mod” and inside it “materials, data, lua” folders, I drop “Joe’s Mod” into ‘addons’ and leave it from there.

But what your telling me is if "Joe’s Mod’ doesn’t have “info.txt” when I go into it, Gmod is going to look at the folder and go “Lolwut?” basically?

Makes sense at the very least.

If by “Steam” you mean “Valve” I have Portal and Left 4 Dead one and two. I also have Spore and GTA4, neither of which is relevant.

Gamemodes are basically mods that let you play differently in GMod. Standard gamemode is Sandbox, and then you have the custom ones like Spacebuild, RP, zombies, survival and lots more.

That may or may not explain why certain maps are clusterf#cked with errors. I have two RP maps, both of which are severely broken.

But no one confirmed my beliefs earlier. Do I NEED to buy certain games to make these errors stop? I was told that if I got Orange Box (thus TF2, Portal, and HL2) and the Multiplayer Source pack, that my troubles should solve themselves. I already have Portal to begin with, for starters.

Gamemodes generally don’t include models unless it needs them (like a new zombie or something), as they increase the size of the download.

But, yeah, getting the Orange Box and the Source Multiplayer Pack will get rid of most, if not all, of the errors, as most maps use models or materials from at least one of the games in those 2 packs.

And you can swear on here.

Well that kinda sucks, but oh well. I wonder if I can cheat Valve out of a few bucks since my buddy sent me the TF2 trial. In theory I’ll get the files for TF2 without ever needing to buy the full version because I’ll never play it.

Meanwhile HL2 is something my friends keep telling me to get, so why not?

Counterstrike is a classic. Don’t know much about the other sources, but when I’ve got the cash, all this put together is no more than an Xbox game. Seeing as I no longer play Xbox as it is, why the heck not? :stuck_out_tongue:

The futile censoring is merely my way of preventing confusion between rage and “lol i dunno wat im doin”.

I think the TF2 trial files only work in GMod when the trial is running. As soon as the trail runs out, the files stop working.

And TF2 is a really good game. I never thought I would play it when I got GMod, and now it is one of my most played Steam games.

Just get the Orange Box + CSS and all the errors you see are stuff from the games you don’t have.

Getting the Source multiplayer pack is better. Lets you get any DoDS mods, and lets you use the stunstick and SLAM viewmodels.

Try not to use too many acronyms because I will have no idea what the hell you guys are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

CSS: Counter-Strike: Source
DoDS: Day of Defeat: Source
SLAM: Some weapon in Half Life 2: Deathmatch; it is a trip mine or a remote detonated bomb.

Gmod uses it ingame to display all the addons in the menu (That new fancy button)

Mmkay then.

Anyway, there are still mods I’m having trouble with. This “PHX” thing, it looks like a bunch of metalic building blocks.

People use them to build trains and “admin fortresses” or something. I downloaded some mods, allegedly, but nothing new has appeared in-game.

You should get the SVN version.

Got any links?