Apparently I suck at Gmod. Everything is broken.

I don’t just have ANY links… I HAVE 'EM ALL =D

Gotta collect 'em all!

Oh dear god, where do I start? O_o

PHX3, wire pack.You could also get PewPew (not sure if its there, but can be easily found with a google search!) if you want to do combat stuffs!

No-one’s mentioned this yet, but when you install new models (and they don’t have the .txt info bit), you’ll need to refresh the search cache. Dead easy to do, just open the Q menu, and next to the search bar you’ll see two buttons. Hit the refresh one, and wait for a while. It’ll take a good few minutes and lag like hell; this is normal.
And yeah, getting CS:S etc will sort out the majority of the prop/texture errors.

You don’t need to, but it is useful if you are looking for 1 specific model and you don’t want to go through lots of folders or don’t know which folder it is in.

This is something that could be useful to me then.

Welcome to the wonderful world of gMod. I’m guessing that most of your problems is with you not having CSS. CSS provides textures, and many models (guns mainly) that are popular to use in the game.

Buy the complete pack,
from that point on i have never gotten a missing texture unless it was custom