Apparently workshop related crash upon startup

One day,I started GMod and all I saw was a part of the background in the top left corner then GMod closed.It seems this happens when I download anything from workshop and I need to restart my pc for it to work again.

What I’ve tried:
Verifying GMod
Verifying TF2
Reinstalling GMod
Deleting Steam/appcache
Uninstalling around 70% of workshop mods
Running windowed
Forcing my resolution
Forcing dx level

And nothing has worked.So I have no idea what to do anymore and I don’t know if this happens to anyone else.I’ve searched all over and nothing seems to work.What should I do now?Thank you for your time to read this.
Edit: Oh great.Now it doesn’t seem to work at all.I’m getting fucking pissed now.Does anyone have any solution?Probably not,but still?


Post latest/newest .mdmp files near the hl2.exe of your Garry’s Mod installation. This is my latest one

Nevermind, hold on

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Ok, this bug should be fixed on the Dev branch, you will have to use that to play the game until next update releases.

Thank you so much for your help!I will report back and see if this works.Another interesting thing is how i had to disable my firewall because awesomium_process.exe was being blocked,locking hl2.exe.
Edit: Working fully as intended!Thanks so much!