Appeal a ban on Nottingham official server

Can I appeal I ban I received on an official server. I was banned on Nottingham official server for racism which is total nonsense. We had Chinese hacking in the server for weeks causing mayhem it was very annoying. Some how no admins came online for that time period. Anyway, one day they came on using aim bot so I was moaning at them in chat giving them abuse(the worst thing i said was probably Japan is better than China) but I don’t see it being racist at all. Typically a admin pops on at that time and bans me :(. I don’t think I did nothing wrong, I don’t cheat or grief or anything like that, I feel it was unfair to ban me. I love the community on that server and would like to be back on it. After I was banned everyone was sticking up for me in chat telling the story but the admin wouldn’t have none of it. My user name is Spanky

Search another Server. Admins on official Servers dont act very logical. Community Servers are better by the way.

Is it the fact that the past few “I was server banned” threads have ended up such that I have a feeling that you are omitting how you glitched into a rock “because it was the only way to be safe from the hackers”?

I mean no offense, it’s just that there have been a lot of people recently who have been server banned and try to dispute it with a story that omits details to make the “victim” look innocent.

I banned you, and you absolutely said worse things than “Japan is better than China”. Funnily enough, I had joined the server to deal with the hackers you mention, and if you hadn’t used the chat to call them all manner of vile names you’d still be playing there now.