Appeal to developers

The game gets worse with each new update!

  • Return the opportunity to remove buildings using mallet! If I built a wall of iron, which I do not need anymore, I can not remove it. And if i build something under water, the bridge for example, and i built the block at wrong way, i cant remove it, i need only crash it. but if im swim near, not stand on it, i cant hit this block. so server has a lot for “wrong way” blocks, which people cant remove. It is difficult to become a server.
  • Removing gamma glitch at night it becomes impossible to do anything at night. So i have to go out of the game to 30 minutes. Make not so much dark night at least!
  • Why have you removed the opportunity to play in the third person? It was a feature of new rust! You could just do not allow to pass a view through the texture!
  • New icons of objects are simply awful! Why did you add them? They do not look like the existing items in the game!
  • Why do you have lowered the strength of the buildings? now even in the iron house, I do not feel secure!
    P.S. Hope you will read and listen to these remarks.
    Rust player

i think you have hit every single thing that i am glad they have done. well done.

i disagree wholeheartedly.

well, maybe you can change demolish.

Like, if you build something, you have 10 sec. to demolish it or something like that.

Btw Locks should be removable by the owner :confused:

Yes, that will be good too

Gamma glitch is annoying so I’m glad they’re addressing that.

I do agree with you on being able to demolish buildings but maybe the owner can use a unique tool to do renovations - pay to demolish over a period of time or something. 3rd person is great; hopefully it’ll return when they can put more focus into making it work correctly. I also agree with you about the icons - I know some of my mates think they look nice but they just don’t fit in with the style of the game, but maybe my view would be different if the icons were more representative of what they signify.

Building strength changes don’t bother me. What’s annoying is that the game has become all about raiding and less about survival. Sure, raiding is an element of survival but where’s the opportunity to have a market or exchange of goods that’s built into the game. There needs to be more focus on bringing balance to building with other initiatives and activities. There needs to be something to promote relationships between neighbors - not just the building side of it.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the demolish ability. When doing an original build, it’s not much of a problem A single whack with a tool will break a twig structure. But often you need to expand, and using C4 is a really expensive and counter-intuitive way of demolishing something.

And that point ties in with door locks. Currently, if you don’t have a code lock or BP and have a regular lock on an armoured door, the only way to upgrade that lock is to blast the door out with 2 C4 charges. Again, that’s a really shitty thing to be forced to do for something as simple as installing a code lock.

Tweaking gamma for night vision was an exploit. But in repairing it, it made things way too dark IMO. Even in the day inside of an armoured building, you can hardly see anything now. Yeah, it makes sense that you can’t see anything in an enclosed building with no light source, but if that was the case, the same conditions should apply when the building is made of stone or wood. The darkness is just too dark now.This is going to take some tweaking to get it right. But reverting it back pre-fix is not the answer.

3rd person view had the unintended effect of allowing people to see through walls and around corners. Granted, they could have fixed the seeing through walls part, but it still gives people the ability to see around corners, giving them an advantage over people playing in 1st person. Since this is a game designed for first person, it made sense to remove that option. I know I’m glad it’s gone.

The new icons just take some getting used to. I’m rather neutral about them. They looks good, but I think the old ones looked good too. Took some time to get used to the new ones, but overall, I couldn’t care less about small details like that.

As for lowered building health, I don’t see a problem there either unless you’re one of those that want their base to be 100% invulnerable to any attack.

The fact that your name is LovedRust makes me believe that you created an account for the sole purpose of complaining.