Apple Productions - Machinima

Created By: Mr. Apple & Volcom

Welcome to Apple Productions! We are a Machinima group that create videos using the Half Life 2 Source Engine games. We mainly create videos that are humorous. We have just recently create this group so we currently do not have a website. We hope to widen the variety of videos there are out on the web already. We are currently creating a Machinima about a man who is becomes radioactive and learns about his powers. If you wish to help out just post down!

A small film about a raid Civil Worker’s Union Warehouse in a Half Life 2 Universe.

Mr. Apple - Director, Actor, Voice Actor
Volcom - Actor, Voice Actor, Poser

We are currently looking for two voice actors, we are looking for a person with a moderately deep voice with a tinge of humor, also a man that sounds like a boring young nerd. But a variety of volunteers will be helpful.


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An amazing work of art.


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Nevermind, just watched the video, our comments can still be taken as ironic comments.

I pushed “Post” instead of “Preview”. Shit happens. It’s still being written.

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the video sucked ass btw

Constructive Criticism please.

Sorry, the video was bad, made no sence whats so ever.

Ah, the video is about a Civil Worker’s Union Warehouse being raided by Rebels. This is all based upon the Half Life 2 Universe. Pretty much, rebels (Lambda - Rebel Group) raided the warehouse, due to the fact that it had a vast amount of supplies.

All I saw was a metrocop kill someone and then a rebel shoot the camera we were watching through.

Then the camera magically repairing a bullet hole.

Well it is the future

I think I should post when we finish the new video coming out. We had other videos but we lost them. We are still taking up the offer for actors.

Maybe it was a miniature T-1000 disguised as a camera :ninja:

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that was terrible, plus, you posted in the wrong section.

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