Applejack Gamemode Help

[gamemodes/Applejack/gamemode/metatables/sv_player.lua:644] attempt to index global ‘tmysql’ (a nil value)(Hook: PlayerInitialSpawn)

I get that error when I join my Applejack gamemode server. Im a bit new to GLua so I dont know everything. If someone can help me on what this mean thanks. I have the gm_tmysql moudles and the libmysql. I just cant put my finger on it =3

I don’t think Facepunch is going to help you with anything involving ponys.


Applejack is RP gamemode.

Well, I had the same problem. I downloaded tmysql.dll again, and it fixed it.

Applejack is pony name.

Make sure you have tmysql.dll in your lua/includes/modules folder. It should work then. If not, I suggest downloading it again.

Alrighty thanks guys

It is also a edible product name , fgt.