Applejack problems

Hello , i’m running applejack coded by lexi and released!

Everything works,modules load
But the problem is i’m stuck on join screen saying : Loading , jump to rejoin if you’re stuck on this screen

Can you check if there are any errors in the server.log?

To access server.log enable -condebug in the games command line.

Nothing , no errors … :frowning:

No mysql connection.

How is that possible , i have tmysql , libmysql blabla
even the sv_config is set up right?

It was a guess telling you to double check that you’re actually being connected. It also could be broken and not being connected. Lexi doesn’t support this so I don’t know, get a different gamemode.

Are you using a webhost? If so. Do you have your servers ip added to the remote ip?

I’m using xampp could that be the problem?

Are you sure you set it up right?

Man , i’m really sure i am
I’m using
Trying it right now…

I think we found the problem.

Nope its still not working, lexi is being a bitch about i’m not able to host it…
I’m really raging , why release a gamemode if you’re not including any info --"

To be brutally honest - in order to stop kids like you hosting it.

We will see lexi ,i will eventualy fix it
We will see if i’m hosting it or not :wink:

Lol thats a good one.

But it appears since your using a local database. Your probably running the server locally as well.

And theres a few ways to track down if any errors are given, like lua_log_sv I believe is the one command.

Try it.

Lua_log_sv 1
Makes me the txt file with only

[@garrysmod\lua\includes\modules\hook.lua:100] bad key to string index (number expected, got string)

you’re stupid.

if you get this up and running i’ll give you 25 cents.

because you won’t

also he released it so people that know what they are doing, and that are capable of running a server properly, can host it.

First of all , won’t? whats that? won not? … You got some great grammar there

Good job checking if words exist before mocking people for using them.

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You’re really shining here, proving my initial estimation of your intelligence wrong!

Thankyou Lexic, back in the times i was too arrogant .
I’ve been learning lua for a few months now ,finaly! I got it working!
Thankyou Lexic