Applejack Role-play


Owner requested removal.

As you probably know, Collin has this posted for money, he will respond here when his PC is fixed. I’m quite sure he will not appreciate you posting his copy for free. Just saying guys, don’t flame me for posting this message.

I doubt Lexi will have anything bad to say about it, he released it after all for free.

That, I did not know. But me and Collin just had a short talk and he says hes probably just going to give up on selling it.

Don’t act all “Oh, collin fixed it, hes not going to be happy about this”.

We all know its a lie. First off, he never coded shi*. K?
c1yd4i did. He fixed the hole thing. And he does not even got credit.

K? K. I think we are on the same page here.

wait why are you censoring?

Don’t like to swear on public forums.

Okay, it’s pretty broken still, but w/e

Only things I found broke:

Add laws,

Spawn points not saving, ect.

you still meant the word shit

it is still swearing

Er, for me, tons of missing textures on the F1 menu, weapons don’t work. Weapon bar is jacked up

Try installing content. Thats applejack’s content.

I did, both on the server and my garry’s mod :V

lol, i dont think i would forget that

I’ve seen people put coderhire jobs up to fix this gamemode up for quite a large sum of money.

What’s the mode actually about? The OP provides very little information.

It’s a roleplay gamemode I like to dub ‘semi-serious’ (i’ll probably get flamed for this)
It’s between DarkRp and something like Clockwork, leaning a little towards the DarkRp side. There’s really nothing much to it, and it really depends on the community hosting it. The one I played on was heavily modified with tons of changes and reasonable and interesting additions, making it much more enjoyable than a clean copy.

I played this gamemode for about 1 and a half years, great fun

Ya’, i’ve looked for about 3 months for this gamemode. And i’ll try to fix some errors tonight, or in the next few weeks. Schools giving me a shit load of homework.

Hi I’m [del]Commander Shep[/del]Lexi and unlike Collin this guy hasn’t (repeatedly) asked my permission to post this.

Its pointless downloading this anyways since Its just a semi fixed version. The version I have also has the spawn point issue and I’m not going to fix it because nobody wants to play an old fixed gamemode with nothing new.

Ventmob started it all and once that went the gamemode wasn’t successful as nobody could get a good following by hosting it; I tried. Once GM13 came out Fearless took stuff from AJ and Cider and released their own version of it at the right time and got all the new kids who were clueless and now they are one of the most popular RP communities.

P.s. RV Bootleg is where the money is at nowadays but you have 0% chance of getting that.

Take TDM’s cars + Applejack = Almost Fearless.

It’s not that hard to fix spawn and all that, infact I don’t even think anyone should run a community if you can’t figure that one out.

I don’t think it should be ran full stop unless people can bring something new to the table. It’s now old and I’m pretty bored of seeing it on facepunch and coderhire even after these 3 days of it.