applejack setting up roblem

hi im currently running apple jack on my server and i set up the sql table fixed the config but still don’t spawn in and there are no errors in the console which im some how to believe this is a sql problem like i have got the tables in and im not to sure what to put in host so i put in my website URL. and i have mysqloo in the server and libmysql.

any help on what i have done wrong or forgot

You setup the SQL tables but don’t know what your SQL host address is?

thank you for the reply. i think its the ip your sql host runs of of

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but i cant seem to get the gamemode to work

Is your domain maybe protected by cloudflare? Then it wont work because CloudFlare runs the requests through a reverse proxy with NGINX, and therefore the IP wont be the same one as your webservers/sql server IP.

no cloudflare or anything is not on the website

Are you hosting with Vilayer? They actually seem to block MySQL Ports(atleast the default 3306 port) on their gameservers, since both, prometheus & Pay & Play aint working on our servers either.