Applejack: SQL error in save.

So basically the problem here is that it does not save you money, inventory and so on.

If anyone could help me with this SQL problem i have it would be awesome.

Note: I could not search for any related topics because i cannot use the search function, so please do not post any shit replies about that.

Try asking the sexy one:

That looks like a client log. Try checking the server console. Also, in the future please don’t PM me.

Oh I just followed what Pantho said, sorry then.

Oh thanks I will check this later on when I get home.

I tricked you into annoying Lexi, I’m not sorry for this and you are now my minion.
Please send me the details of your life, it’s important to know the skills of my minions!

Although I might have tricked you into annoying Lexi, I did also get you help :wink:

is there no other error message?

are you some sort of wizard :eng101: