I am modifying a gamemode called Applejack.

What I’ve done so far

  • Networking optimization
  • Bug fixes
  • A new main menu
  • Contraband upgrades/levels
  • NLR blocker ( don’t know what to call it )
  • RDMing defender ( don’t know what to call it )
  • A wrench swep to fix and upgrade contrabands ( It’s a new job )
  • The officials can use the metropolice sounds, which they set and use with their baton.
  • Cars are removed ( no need for a map like rp_c18_v1 )
  • New scoreboard
  • Minor HUD changes
  • Some FearRP elements implemented.
  • Salarys are placed inside a ATM.
  • Vending machines incase there are no chefs to feed the players. (only turn on if there are no chefs)
  • Banks are implemented for excessive storage and the banks can be robbed.
  • A Donate system, consists of features donators get and allows hats (the hats will be roleplayish: ex chef hat, police hat)

Applejack is a roleplay gamemode, its a mix of perp and darkrp.
I am planning on using the map rp_c18_v1, i am not a fan of 30 cars and using the map of evocity.

One big thing i’ve changed in the gamemode aspect, is there are no rules unless you’re a cop.
Before you get on your high horse and say how dumb of a idea that is, i’ve made solutions for RDM and NLR.

The RDMing defender:

  • When you kill somebody without a legit reason, you gain heat
  • I would make sure that the kill is or isn’t legit (a few checks would do)
  • heat is basically the amount of chaos you cause.
  • when you disconnect or die, if you have any heat, you’ll be punished by losing money, if you can’t afford the pay you’ll get banned.

The NLR blocker:

  • When you die and only if its inside a building, your position where you died is saved.
  • When you spawn back you will see a HUD that shows your distance from the position you died and where you are now, if you get within range of the position you will get teleported back
  • There is only a 2 minute wait so its not a huge deal.

I’ve came today to ask facepunch in there opinion what would keep them hooked and appealed to a roleplaying gamemode like this.
I understand alot of you don’t like roleplay because of darkrp but your input could make roleplaying fun and exciting.

I am fluent in lua so don’t worry if your suggestion would be to hard.
Please don’t suggest new weapons or drugs. ( I want to stay away from the darkrp atmosphere )

Oh, another darkrp. I was expecting something original. I’m disappointed now.

How do you have a system that defers between a legit kill or not?

Also, you’ll have a bunch of rich guys going around killing people.

Just have it when you hit a certain amount you automatically get banned.

thought this was about mlp, was mildly surprised

I support this project because of Bloodwave.

The amount of money lost is based on the circumstance of the RDM and its all a percentage.

Which means, rich people be gettin’ hella mad.