Too many people are selling this, and posting jobs for this on ScriptFodder. (Forgot to post this).


Download MySQLOO and libmysql, put libmysql in same folder as srcds.exe, and MySQLOO in garrysmod/lua/bin (Make the bin folder if it doesn’t exist).
edit the sv_config.lua for the database, and sh_config.lua for ingame stuff.

Admin Mods:
The only admin mods that work with this right now is ServerGuard, Exsto, Evolve. (ULX breaks the gamemode, will be fixing that later on)

If you push something to edit, I’ll accept it, if you want collaborator on the GitHub, post here with your github username, or PM me.

Will add some later.

TODO List:

(I’ll probarly add cider too).

Could you please, in accordance with the original request from where you downloaded this gamemode, restore the credits to Lexi and Conna in the GM.Author field?

Much appreciated because they were the ones doing the most work on this gamemode.

I didn’t actually edit the credits, I got it from I just fixed all the bugs it had in the release that was posted there.

Hi there,

When I created Cider I did intend it to be free when I released it, and all the work Lexi did on it thereafter.

Please do restore credits to Lexi and I, other than that there’s no problem.


The credits have been restored from what I see.

Make sure to also include those that worked on RP07/RP08.

Can you give me a list of names please :), I will add them ^^

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I re-added your credits in a old push, but forgot to re-add it. (In the GM.Author & Credits tab).

How can we acquire a fixed version of evolve?

I believe the most updated version of Evolve is here:

Eh, theirs so many errors still, are you really gonna fix them?

I’m not going to fix them, I don’t even use Evolve.

You can use any admin-mod, the only one that doesn’t work with it at the moment is ULX.


Edit : My apologises i goof’d

I don’t believe that was conna selling it

So, as far as im aware, the gamemode was built around evolve, that’s if the code was to be believed

been doing some work on this, I’ve successfully replaced the old mysql/glon system with one that encodes to json and saves to pdata (meaning the gamemode now works out of the box without any 3rd party modules required)
its still pretty buggy though, I may release a public build when I’ve stabilized all the error spew
the only major problem with having it out and easy to install is [sp]12 year old server owners would catch wind and mountains of shit donation farm servers would pop up running this gamemode[/sp]

Make it complicated in some way, I mean, yea this a dumb idea but, no one wants aload of random “CityRP” servers, especially when the 3 main community’s are their today as a result of hard work. God forbid another DarkRP like category. But any way, most 12 year olds can’t even set up SQL so now that I think about it, you’ll be fine.

I can +1 that with all the adds I keep getting :v

Honestly, what can you do? You couldn’t even set up a simple derma panel.

I’m new to lua and you use it as a weapon against me… How low.