Application error, tons of crashes

I’ve been getting this annoying “application blah blah 0x11062ff5f at 0x0e670454 could not be read” or whatever (the error codes are right, just didn’t write down the message) for a while, it’s really starting to piss me off.

Does anyone know of a fix?

I’m running adv duplicator, durgzmod, garry’s bombs 3, gm_bigcity, gm_mobenix, gm_ultrahill, grapplehook, HAAX_Swep, InvisGhostModels, jumppad, ladderstool, Laser STOOL 2, Microwave Rifle, Parachute, phx2, Shoop da Whoop, Stacker STool, Stargate, Usefull Stools, Weightstool.

Dunno if that’ll help, but if anyone knows of common crashes caused by these addons, I’d really appreciate knowing ^^

When does this error occur?

Random occurance, there’s really no set action that causes it. It just randomly crashes, I could be opening menues, or just standing around chatting with people.

happens to me too, say when i click on something it freezes then says a error has occured click ok to terminate the programme (not all the time though luckily)


happens to me too, maybe because you downloaded so many things that the game is having problems when trying to get everything to work…

It happens randomly to me,too.

It’s inevitable.

It’s been happening to me since the dawn of Garry’s Mod, but it was just absolutely terrible yesterday. Happened 6 times in one hour. I updated soundd rivers and was good to play for about 8hr, but got same error crash.

Ohwell, thanks guys.