application unban

Hello garry I was with my bank account mywarkiller that ban was because I made ​​myself rust mail account hacked and my account has rust was broadcast on the net desoler garry and the whole community

again i have to say this for you… sorry but i have to speak other language-clé ne peut pas être récupéré

If your account in fact was MyWarKiller I very much doubt you’ll get it back. Tons of people got the details for it ( The info was shared on reddit and 4chan for example ) Account got permabanned for account sharing and more than likely will remain that way. If you wish to keep playing Rust you’ll have to buy a new key at when it’s back up again… Which may take from few days to few weeks.

is this how you intend to apply for a job

plz gimmie job i work good.

As I have said the hacker issued on behalf of the forum or hack it my my mail and I could not change the password because the tab was not yet present

u wot

why didnt you say so in the first place?