applyForce help :(

@outputs G:angle
@persist Height [OldPos NewPos Force Vector]:vector


Vehicle = entity()

G= angnorm(ang(0,0,0) - Vehicle:angles())*1000

Vehicle:applyAngForce(G + $G*5)
Strength = 500
Height = 50
OldPos = Vehicle:pos()
NewPos = Vehicle:pos():setZ(Height)
Force = NewPos - OldPos
Vector = (Force + $Force*10) * Strength

What im wanting it to do is:
Be able to turn
and have give in both pitch and rolls without completely turning over or flipping.

G= angnorm(ang(0,0,0) - Vehicle:angles())*1000

I know this is whats limiting it but I have no Idea what to do with it. I tried changing the zeros to P,Y,R and then setting those variables to a positive and negative nunmber. I’m new to E2 So be easy.

this isnt a troll I really do need some help and Im sorry if you feel as though my academics aren’t there. If you can do this please help because i’ve been working on it for the last 5 hours :confused:

We are not wire.
goto: for help