Applyforce Holo Rc heli

I have recently endavored to further my e2 use, as it was next to nil. I started fooling around with holos and applyfrorce and I got this:

Its made entirely out of holos surrounding the e2 chip that flys the chopper and creates the holos. It is very nimble and stable, for one of my first good applyforce contraptions, I think it came out rather well.
More pics:

Hopefully I can get a vid up soon. Come to Whitewater’s build to see it in action.

Heli and my other e2 R/C

Cool stuff you got there Balto

add some details |:

[sarcasm]this is the most original thing i have ever seen[/sarcasm]

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Thats the most original post iv even seen.

theres the most original quoting ive ever seen

I’m not seeing any other hologram helicopters… so as my bretherin would say… do one.

on the forums you mean?

Go on any Sandbox server with Wire and there’d be atleast one kid flying something with applyForce()

Oh so you’re hating on applyForce? No surprise there.

No Im hating on the kids who use applyForce & E2 for everything. I only found two uses for it so far, making a beacon hover above a space probe on SpaceBuild, and a little robot that floats on my shoulder shooting minges.

You call them kids? Of course how could I be so dim… E2 is blatantly childs play.

It’s just your bad imagination that makes you think e2 makes everything easier. If you want to have something that flies, easy, but if you want something that flies realistically and good, it’s not that easy anymore. Then you have to make sure it doesn’t lagg to much.
It’s just an option for users who like to have control in what they are doing and not just using an adv gyropod or whatever shit you’re using when making your crappy spacebuild ships.
It’s really a tool for advanced users when making advanced things or a newbie tool when making newbie things. Some people find it to hard to use though, and they start hating on it. Like everyone else hating on wiremod. It’s to hard for me, therefor people shouldn’t get to use it. Oh, and i totally agree on your robot shooting minges. I mean, there’s nothing less mingy than a robot shooting minges.

On topic: I’d rather see one made of props. But i guess if it functions well it can be pretty cool. Obvious downsides (Or advantages) is that it can’t be shotdown and stuff.
Does it accelerate, have sounds, Is it mouse controlled or does it use wasd/numpad?, is it easy to use etc.
Work on aesthetics anyway.
Not the first holo helicopter i’ve seen.

I only see the older kids using it well.

But usually it’s kids who are trying to deepen their voices badly, so tell me that my E2 is bad because I use it for unorthodox things.

Its W S A D. It does accelerate. The force is always applied up on the e2 chip. When it pitches or rolls that upward force on that chip will also move it forward like a real chopper. It is easy to use and has sounds :smiley:

I wasnt going to bother posting, but I havent seen any other holo helis, and definately not rc holo helis.

I do intend to add some more detail shortly.

Wee fellow applyforce hater. True it’s being overused, yet I’ve got used to it and don’t bitch about it anymore.

And that’s kinda nice, but needs a video, the “blurry rotor” is interesting.

Yeah it does need a video, but fraps crashes gmod on record (o_o)
I consider Applyforce a copout on full sized craft, Planes in preticular, but for little RC’s it makes sense

FaythNihlus, a holo anything is much harder to make than one made of props. To say that “kids” are the ones making these is ignorance to Gmod itself since most of the people that play Gmod or are on Facepunch are probably under 18. Balto-the-Wolf-Dog clearly cares more about making a wire contraption with emphasis on functionality and not aesthetics and that’s fine, there are plenty of these types of contraptions. Its funny how you can bash E2 and applyforce since you’ve never contributed anything worthwhile to the Gmod community, which really nullifies any argument you have in the subject, and therefore you should just be laughed at…which I’m doing right now.

You clearly have no imagination, and in all likelihood, skill either.

Don’t forget to dumb my post.

Balto, use Source Recorder. It doesn’t lag, even if your computer sucks and the video settings maxed out.

Thanks, will do

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jesus christ hate for applyforce is like wanting marriage, kids, and sex in roleplay servers. Completely nonsensical and has no real reason to exist.

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it’s a fuckin’ vector thruster. who gave a shit about vector thrusters beforehand? jesus christ.

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