Applyforce Tank Tracks WIP

Currently I am building a system that uses E2’s applyforce code to set up tank tracks. The code so far will only allow the tank to move in each direction when each link on the tread is on the ground.

Still needs to be perfected code/function wise, but I thought i’d post this to be the first to have the applyforce tracks. BTW I made the actual code last week, just releasing the wip publicly now.

Holy Shit.

Holy shit.

Damnit, I was gonna say that! :mad:

Whoa, that’s amazing :smiley:

looks like itll be laggy

Well of course you can’t expect to be pushing 28 tracks colliding with the ground with zero latency :wink: It’s actually mostly laggy because fraps shot my fps down when it was recording.

Thanks for the comments.

no the video didnt look laggy

i mean like in actual multiplayer

Gravy Goose

oh I see, yeah i’ve ran it in MP and it does tend to be a little laggy. It’s a lot less laggy when I use adv. ballsocket angular correction instead of the E2 applyAngForce correction.

Interesting. But needs to be stiffer :V

how many can you spwn til you meet the e2 quota?

Well, i think it is awesome.
Excluding the E2 part.

I knew someones gonna make this. Nice

Jimmini jillickers. Make it better. Like all of it, make it more compact, more terrainfriendly and for this to work with a heavy battle tank you need to have zero space between the thread parts. But still damn good job there.

good job, well done

Use ridged rope or axis to keep them um… shit idk what im taking about, the idea is there but idk about the constrain count. Im 50/50 on this one

I’ve played with you in multiplayer a few times with other contraptions in the server, wasn’t laggy at all :P.

Can’t wait to see it go around wheels <3.

It could have been an error but at 0:10 it showed ur ops and it said 7000+ 1%.
How does one change teh hard tick limit if this is true.


Dali would be proud.

Those are no tracks these are tracks: