Applying a new skin to a seperate set of models

So basically I’ve edited a few VTF’s of models to my liking, and right now the VTF’s I have replace the original textures. I have the original textures somewhere and I would also like a set of models with the originals as well as a set of models with the new ones. How would I make it so I have a set of both?

The simplest way would be to hex them. Click the steam icon underneath my profile and i’ll run you through it.

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It’s really simple. Really.

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Oh god, You’re a Brony. I refuse to help, in that case.

The hell does it matter what someone likes or dislikes to watch? I never understood that. I dislike the show too, but I don’t see how something as incredibly trivial as that should dictate who does or does not deserve help.

I believe this should help you, Fuzzyhed.

You know, I was nothing but nice, and only asked for help. Not once did I even start to talk about how much I like the show or even anything RELATED to the show, I honestly don’t see your problem. If it applies to how good of a person I am, which it apparently does to you, I’m also a furry, and I’m not yet an adult. If there are any other odd groups you would like to know I belong to so you can discriminate against rather than just being a nice person, like I was, and helping me with my problem, feel free to add me on Steam so we can discuss how terrible I am rather than just helping me with my problem.

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Thank you squiddy!

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Whenever I try and open CSS Shared, it says it’s being used by another program, but I don’t have any programs accessing it running.

I was being nice, But i refuse to help you because i dislike your outer shell. I’d have gladly did it but you come off as a bit of a prick if i’m honest, Especially since you state i’m “discriminating” when i do not discriminate, I refused to help you because 1. You’re a brony and 2. I felt i would get nothing out of it/it wouldn’t benefit me or anyone else, even yourself. somethings are best learnt for yourself.

Is Steam open? If that makes no difference, reboot your computer and try again before opening Steam.

Ever heard of tolerance?