Applying Hands and Arm Skins to Hand Rigs?


Recently I ported the AA-12 model over from MW2, and have been wanting to animate it. I already positioned everything (not correctly, just want to test out the model) but I’m having a problem texturing it.

My question is, the hands and arms are part of one object (or the literal term, whatever), and I can’t place two textures on it at the same time. So how would I go about having two textures?

In other words, the arm textures cover the hands and vice-versa.


I’m also crazy new at 3DS Max, if you couldn’t already tell.

Change the material type to Multi/Sub-Object

Thank you! Textures are working fine now.

In order to make the hand textures work in gmod I would have to change the bitmaps to vtfs while keeping the name the same, right?

Select the polygons you want to have another texture and drag and drop thetexture on them.


You don’t need to keep the VTF name the same. But what happens is, that when you drag a BMP on it, it saves the texture name. The compiled model then looks for a VMT with the same name.