Applying IK to playermodel

After 4 years passed, finally found blender → Fbx export → 3ds max 2012 brings vertice based flexes and texture with some tricks.

But there is lots of IK bones around skirts and leg, is there any way to utilize without just simply deleting it?
Searching around for hours yield nothing, only to find Captainbigbutt’s posts explaining about how useful it is. No big deal from Source dev wiki either.

Red bones are bones named IK. I don’t know why some bones are transparent.

I have no idea if I can apply IK to skirts right now, but I’m sure toe can be.
Is there anyone who can teach me how to do it? If CaptainBigbutt helps me, it would be great…

Currently I can only test things in Sunday, and can reply after 11PM everyday. As my daily routine is 6AM→academy→11PM.

I’m pretty sure this type of post would go here

I don’t think I can move posts, and I already made post in same place years ago…
I’ll delete post if you want so.

EDIT: I can’t even delete? what should I do…