Applying 'keep corpses' to the player

Holy shit, eheh, I haven’t been around Facepunch in ages, nor have I really been around Garry’s Mod lately.

Anyway, is there a way to have the player to turn into an actual ragdoll entity instead of that separately-processed client-side ragdoll thing that you turn into by default upon death? Basically, exactly what the Keep Corpses option does for NPCs; there doesn’t seem to be a way to apply this to the player though, at least, not that I’ve found. I’ve managed to achieve what I’m looking for by using dismemberment mod, enabling it, then disabling it immediately after I kill myself. Since the dismemberment mod turns you into a ‘kept-corpse’ ragdoll upon death, disabling it immediately after killing myself makes you stay like that, but your limbs will not get torn off.

Yeah, is there a plain and simple answer to ‘keep-corpse’-ing the player? I used to be able to do very minor scripting, but now in light of all the new updates and my lengthy abscence from the engine, aside from being a veteran with Hammer, I’m a complete nub.

Just for note, I have searched endlessly for an answer to this question, and I haven’t found anything. If I’m being a moron and missing something right under my nose, then please enlighten me. If I’m not, then I’m sure there must be an easy way to achieve this anyway.

yes, you can do it but no, there is no premade “keep-corpses” for players.

there is a hook in gmod that is called as soon as the player dies: GAMEMODE:DoPlayerDeath(ply, attacker, dmginfo)

in base (the base gamemode in gmod), a function is called in this to create the death ragdoll (ply:CreateRagdoll()), should you override this function and not include that function call and instead add your own entity spawner thingy it should work fine :slight_smile: