applyTorque Units? watts?

i am making a E2 Engine chip and I figured out all the small details like calculating horsepower and torque from the engine details like bore, stroke… etc.

but i am having trouble converting units, I am unsure in what unit ApplyTorque is in. is it in Watts? or is there a 1Hp = applytorque unit?

for example…

1=746 watts
so if i want 250 hp… i take 250*746. but is that going to be a correct unit of force in gmod? cause thats just force in Watts.

(my engine is run my actual calculated torque. im just showing and example with Hp)

applyTorque’s units are the same as any units of torque, in the metric system it’s Nm, Newton Metres. It’s calculated by the magnitude force on an object multiplied by its perpendicular distance to the pivot point, or in the case of two equal and opposite forces acting on an object (a couple), the magnitude of one of the forces multiplied by the perpendicular distance between them.
You’d have to convert the source engine units for force and distance into real-world units for them to be convertable to watts or horsepower.


Just from quick calculation, the units come out as degrees per second per kilogram (source uses kg for mass).