[Appraisal] Dead-Island Map

I need an appraisal for a full recreation of the Starting Island from Dead Island(Full Scale).


Quick sketch-up of things that should be considered:
Everything should look how it is in the starting island.
Everything should blend nicely.

Should not be included:
Zombie models/spawns
Drivable vehicles/spawns
No people at all.

So, you want a full scaled dead island map, in half a mile cubed of sdk space?

The starting chapter area from Dead Island is indeed very beautiful, however it’s simply too big to recreate in Source, mate.

It could be done in chunks, however.

How many chunks do you think it could be created into?

To get decent framerates? Wouldn’t even be worth making

We might as well have somebody request a map of Panau.

Best request, like ever

It would take quite a large amount - plus alot of the landscape wouldn’t really fix up together.

Just so you know bud, alot of the people who map here expect to be paid for their services of mapping and that’s why you may have a few of those dumb ratings.

You may have the others because people get a bit angered when people tend not to follow the guidelines for posting a request. (I would give you a link to the thread with the layout but since the recent forum changes I can’t find it for the life of me)

Overall I think your request is a little too big and impossible for all of us. Sorry mate!

The requests rules got deleted with the requests section purge. So, we have to suffer requests like this, not thought out, with no information what so ever.

You literally just said the request rules got deleted - so it’s not really his fault he doesn’t know the correct do’s and don’ts of request threads to fit all of your needs. Give the fella a break.

As long as it includes lots of Bolo Santosi.

She sounds mentally impaired

Very true, however, just as a basic thought, the request should actually be possible in source.

You will be payed for it, that’s why i’m asking how much it would cost to pay for the services of making the map.

How would people who don’t map not know the limitations of Source? The first map I tried to make was WAY to big for Source and it took me a long time to realise.

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People here charge different rates - there’s not really any way of being able to get a price unless they all state their prices.

He isn’t a new person to the forums though, surely luaers know how big maps can get.

That’s where you’re wrong. I really don’t know how big a map can get in Hammer. All the maps I’ve tried making have either went unfinished or they had a leak which I couldn’t undo.

It’s better to see some realistic numbers than nothing.

If you want one map, I would say up to 100$ (after consultation about how much detail you want), for greater number of maps it should be 200$ and more…

We’ve already explained to you that there is only half a mile cubed of sdk space available, and even having the map reach the complete limits of space would cause issues.

Realistically people are going to charge you at least $200 and up. For any one even considering this to make this map it would take a lot more money than $200 considering the size and detail. You’re looking at hundreds and hundreds of dollars here.

Wait…so you have mapped (thought i knew the name), but didn’t connect the scale of your work to the grid size?