Approaching a new /first map

So I learned hammer a couple years back, but I never really did anything with it other than edit maps other people made ( with permission of course ) and made it into like a hide and seek map, adding secret teleporters, secret trains, etc things like that. After that I stopped and never touched on it till 2 weeks ago.

I’ve been relearning some things, like areaportals ( never knew what they were and still have some trouble understanding, but not so much ), cube maps ( now I know they were for reflections ) light_enviroment, and etc.

So I wanted to make my own map, for Either CS:GO or GMOD,

I want to know how to approach it, and I want some ideas maybe, from you guys if you are willing. As In I want some advice as to how to approach in making my first map like the layout, skybox, and some tips

for gmod I’ll be making a rp map or just a regular sandbox map to start out with.

for csgo ( if I decide to go this way ) I’ll be making a simple either defuse map or hide and seek map.

In csgo top popular maps mirage dust2 has 1midel whit ability to go bomb site a and b try build your map using bit same layout

Before mapping think of a theme, for gmod RP will you do a city map, star wars map, black mesa map, for CS.go will it be bomb, hostage rescue, once you have your theme think of something unique, will it be based around tunnels, sewers, skyscraper, airport, transtation ?? when thats sorted look at pictures to get some good reffernce ideas, then when in Hammer block things out 1st to get an idea of scale and how the map will play game wise, in a cs.go think about multiple routes to the destinations attack points and cover areas, for an RP map do you hospitals, shops etc. after you have the level blocked out go back to the refference images and texture your level to the way your chosen theme is

Thank you !

Also would sort of drawing the map out on a piece of paper be a good idea? I’ve read some where on here that it was.

yeah putting your layout down on graph paper is also a good way to work out scale you could use each square of the graph paper as 16 units in Hammer :slight_smile: