Appropriate lighting

Hey facepunch, I’ve always had trouble lighting up my map in doors. It seems that the engine makes places much to dark. I have a room with a couple of windows and a bright outside but I’d really like that to be reflected inside. Anyway to improve this?

Use light entities.

Well I am, they just don’t look very good.

EDIT: My lights are also bouncing :expressionless: Idk waii…

Light in real life bounce.

Right well, can anyone tell me how to make my lights not suck?

Lightmaps, light_spot, light, env_dustmotes and that light sprite entity.


and how do I “practise”


Take a screenshot, I want to see it.

1 sec, compile not going so well…

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Don’t make fun of me q.q

also its bright because I put a regular light entity to try and make the light appear to be on :expressionless:

you should not place them directly to the wall or is that not what you did? and for the light effect use a spotlight entinity

For those recessed lights you might want to take a look at cs_office. They were able to pull it off pretty well.

First of all fluorescent lights don’t illuminate like that

The light chain should look like this:

The prop is at the top, with an env_lightglow, or env_sprite or point_spotlight below it. Then, at a similar level is a light_spot. Halfway between the floor and the light is a light entity.

Should you change the light entities brightness to something besides 200?

Well thanks, the lighting is looking much better. Is there a way to lighten the ceiling tiles that are supposed to be the lights?

Oh wow, I remember making that ceiling texture. I’ll try making a $selfillum version when I get home tomorrow.

Make a lit up texture?

That would be fantastic :3

Depends how bright you want the light to be.