Appropriate locations and balances for rad towns.

Currently it is better to go into rad towns naked rather than prepared with radiation suits and pills. This makes an entire set of items almost useless. An easy solution for this would be to up the damage on radiation and increase the amount of damage these items reduce. A naked should maybe get to one barrel before dying.

Rad towns should be placed inland rather than near beaches. This would make it more difficult for fresh spawns to get to, reducing the amount of suicidial individuals that intend to kamikaze for blue brints.

Cant fully agree with you. They definately should remove Rad Towns from the coast. The worst idea ever is to have people spawn beside them its ridiculous.

With that said, on a high pop server, maybe even Medium pop, it is not easy for a naked to get something from a rad town. Regardless of if they are sleeping, theres constantly geared players in there controlling it by putting a 9mm through everyone in sight with their Eoka Pistol.

There is a reason as to why their are countless sleeping bags near rad town, because every 30 minute interval or so, even on high populated areas, people f1 kill, then check a rad town.

I dont know about you but I really dont want to see twenty different sleeping bags near the outside of a rad.

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Besides, there is vertually no cost for a naked to try anyway. Its like a numbers game at a bar, get shot down 3 times in one night, but it doesnt matter because you scored and wasted nothing but pride.

2 things in play here. want to stop them respawning? break the bags you see. as for no losses for the nakeds, they are typically starting from scratch, and its the way to gain a gun/weapon/armour as quickly as possible to give you a foothold. nothing wrong with it in my mind, but rather a symptom of a little bit of imbalance from spawn to settled.

Well, I am seeing your perspective more so in considering the recent sleeping bag change. However, it does not address the fact that rad pills and gear is almost useless.

Many people dont even wear it as it is high visibility and can easily be replaced by meat or meds.

Not sure why someone would think it was a problem, rads by beaches.

In Legacy, spawning by a rad spot was not uncommon. In fact, as a fresh spawn I’d often suicide until I landed near one.

It never hurt the game. In fact, I’d say it’d mess with the people who tried to stake claims to them. A constant influx of naked emptying all the crates before they could had an equalizing effect.

I dont think that is the direction they want the game to go, they were mentioning disabling or making killing yourself have a penalty.

It’s already a penalty on the modded server I play. I’m for that. It even reinforces my point there’s no harm concerning rads by beaches.

As long as the sleeping bag health changes I will be mostly fine. I wouldnt really care, I would continue not using rad equipment and my rust experience would be un affected.

But until meats and sleeping bags are changed rad equipments will be virtually useless items.

I think the core problem is with the blue print system itself, there’s no reason to start gearing up, gathering resources and building a base until you have at least a few of the best blue prints(code lock,harvesting tools,ak,C4). I would agree with the OP if rad towns didn’t drop bp’s and instead only dropped mid-high tier items.

that’s pretty much what i meant by imbalance between newspawn and settled player. the settled player has already managed to get those kind of bps, resources to make them, and a moderate sized base. a newspawn doesn’t even have the bps, so they do things like zerging the rad site(which the settled player has barricaded to avoid having competition) as a naked to try and get ANY bp that might make their life easier. i don’t have a problem with that particular tactic, but i think its heavily symptomatic of the problem.

maybe the solution is to remove bps entirely, and have an inbuilt function to break down and research gear that we find.

This is the second thread with a post recommending getting rid of BP’s I’ve read today, what problem is trying to be solved by eliminating BP’s exactly?

I think partly it’s because of the frustration of grinding barrels and running naked through rad towns just to get things like a hatchet, pick axe or firearm. Some people are spending days grinding and not finding anything, some wake up naked and find something good within a few minutes.

So the issue is we’re basically running around in a giant random prize generator which is becoming un-fun.

Either way it would be a prize generator… the typical suggestion for an alternate is research kits, which would still have us running around looking for loot by breaking barrels, zerging crate-spawns or killing other players for stuff to research… not much different than it is now, except we cant research dropped loot… yet.

long story short? to reduce loot grinding time. at the moment there are many more bp’s than in legacy, and no way to selectively research gear that we find to secure it for the future. being able to break gear down without kits, and removing the reliance on bp’s would streamline the whole thing IMO, and make it less of a potential 2-3day grind to find a codelock, or a gun, or ammo depending on what you need.

i’m not too fussed about removing the bp’s i guess. just feel there needs to be a balancing option so it’s not so much of a barrel hunt for RNG loot.

exactly. right now the only goal in the game is to get the good blueprint to get going, and they’re exclusively available in radtown only. even if you play 120h, you still might not have those high-tier blueprints like 5.56 ammo and explosive. For 99% of the server, people only want to get those good blueprint in radtown.

This make radtown the only point of interest in the whole map. Every player will want a chance to get rad countainers. since everyone already have a sleeping bag, if you dont participate in the 4 naked running contest, you dont stand a chance.

One could say you could give up on getting blueprints and only play normally, and not spend 100% of your time in radtown ? well good luck, since without the metal hatchet, it takes about 40 minutes to get 1000 wood with a stone hatchet. enough to craft half a stair for your 1x2 house.

This doesn’t make sense. You can get ammo and the metal hatchet (and the eoka pistol) and pretty much every BP except the advanced guns in barrels, which spawn all over the map.

What is the alternative right now? The other thread talked about a crafting progression. Does it make more sense to start with one basic item and then be able to eventually build all items just by grinding trees and rocks?

I play on a server that preserves BP’s over wipes (unless a change requires it). There are times before a wipe when the only reason anyone is even on is try to find one last good BP or two before the wipe. This seems like a good thing.

The last session was bad because of the useless base item BP’s diluting the loot tables. Before that, I personally didn’t find the BP grind terribly painful. Shooting barrels with arrows and getting that feeling of scratching off a lotto sticker when the loot falls out is personally one of the more compelling parts of the game for me right now.

The BP grind isn’t too horrible when the loot tables are ok. I’ve only been playing for a few weeks now, but until the last update, I had little trouble getting some decent BPs and loot to keep myself and my team mates happy and functional. This last week has been horrible though. There’s only so many burlap clothing and sleeping bag BPs I can get in 1 day without feeling like it’s a stupid, worthless grind, especially when no one is getting any useful BPs…

But I do agree with the general sentiment that there really needs to be something on top of barrel / rad town / air drop grinding when it comes to crafting.

i think part of it is that barrels spawn anywhere, whereas there is a few guaranteed loot points in the rad sites. you could wander for hours not finding a barrel, or wall off the rad zone and wait for the next respawn of crates. most people will haunt rad.

There are so many things that don’t make any sense in this game that it’s a silly argument to say we should stick to realism. It’s a video game meant to be fun. So lets try to come up with ideas that make the game more enjoyable.

You enjoy shooting barrels, that’s cool, even though magic barrel spawns doesn’t make sense :wink:. But as far as longevity goes it plays out to be a very flawed system.

p.s. the lottery is a tax on people who can’t do math.