Appropriate song for a TF2 offensive engineer tutorial?

Hi, I’m making a video tutorial/howto for the Engineer in Team Fortress 2, specifically for his offensive playstyle encouraged by some of the newly released items.

Footage has been recorded and is being edited. What I need, however, is a song to go with it. It will be a background music song (the in-game sound will still be in the video, it won’t be completely replaced with the song), so it would be nice if it had none or low/quiet vocals.

The video is split into two parts of 9~10 minutes each, so the song(s) should last about that time. If it’s not possible, then two songs of half-length that can be well-crossfaded together.

Bonus points and cookies if it’s from Texas. However, it needs to have some beat; what I mean by that is that it shouldn’t be just a boring harmonica song with no drums or other stuff with it. You know, something solid enough to be worth listening to for ~19 minutes.

If it helps somehow, the footage is entirely on plr_hightower (mostly desert/gravel theme, much like cp_gravelpit), played as Gunslinger engineer, vanilla server. I will upload sample footage if asked, but would rather save the bandwidth if it is not necessary.

Thanks in advance~

more gun

I thought about it but it’s way too short.