Approximately how much bandwidth does one person use?

I have 35mbps up/down, hosting a ‘real’ dedicated server (not some silly rent-a-server)
About how many people could it handle?

I use about 7 gbs a day for data. I say less than 100mb’s

I however have a 40 slot JailBreak server. Alot of factor come in to play that add up in bandwidth. I have charts in my TCAdmin how ever they seem to be not working. I’ll post a days worth of server load when I get them works.

10KB/s-25KB/s per person, depending on the server.

I only used around 1.5TB last month. For per-client speeds, look above.

Anybody know how much bandwidth an npc uses?

Well don’t take this as a definitive answer (because it’s just a smart guess), but it would be less than a normal players bandwidth.

Seeing as how NPC’s don’t stream data into the server program (like players do) about their location on the map/actions/voice/text e.t.c. N.P.C’s only have to output the data required.

NPC’s use a higher % of the CPU though because they are actually created and normally controlled by the server program itself.