April 2021 - News - s&box

i have to remind myself every time that they’re videos and not still pictures, kind of annoying when the videos don’t have controls and you have autoplay blocked

In Windows you can group by type of file, so the new folder organization won’t be a problem for me.2021-05-01 10-58-43


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looks really good, can’t wait for the next blog.

Keep up the amazing work :+1:


i want to eat the lights

Ohhh… I think I had an orgasm when I saw those sliders in hammer, yesss. Please make an option to snap them to the grid based on the current grid size, if they already don’t have that option.

:brain: :brain: :brain:

GMod was my childhood, this brings me so much joy. I can’t wait to make so many more crazy memories and friends from this.

It is the people like you that I appreciate the most.

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I used to play GMod on a office laptop. It ran decently. If you can run most modern games on even low settings, I’m sure this game won’t be too difficult to run.

amazing stuff! thanks for consistently posting every month, has been amazing seeing what facepunch is up to and to see the game take shape. i cannot wait until i can mess with the game for myself.

OMG, Can’t wait for the release, keep doing like that, mates.

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this game will go far.

Amazing work from Garry and everyone on the team! Love seeing all the creativity in the forums as well!!