April Fools

GM.OldChatHooks = GM.OldChatHooks or {}
DarkRP.badWords =
    { ["rdm"] = "Literally every kill ever will cause SOMEONE to shout RDM.
Seriously, replace it with \"MassDM\" or something."
    , ["nlr"] = "Because people shouldn't fucking watch as hours of their time go to waste
right in front of their god damn eyes."
    , ["fearrp"] = "Because it's not \"Mug, drop 2k or die\", but 
\"Mug, drop 2k or have me call an admin on you\"
you admin addicted CUNT!"

Well played Falco… well played.

Wew you noticed that fast!

Every DarkRP server owner is currently loosing their mind… and I can’t say I feel sorry for them XD

I’d kill to get some footage of the chats