ApwnInTheDark's Starship Pack

          • ApwnInTheDark’s Starship Pack - - - - -


DOWNLOAD: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=100295


Captn_kirk for the spawn list

Jabba69R for multiplayer testing

A bunch of developers from a bunch of Star Trek games :wink:

Everyone else on my thread who offered suggestions, constructive criticism, and motivation.

To install:

Extract the ‘ApwnInTheDark’s Starship Pack’ folder into addons


From spawn menu, select ‘list’ tab and locate ‘ApwnInTheDark’s Starship Pack’.


Models Bridge?

  • Enterprise-D (v2) ----------------- Full

  • USS Voyager (v2) ------------------ Full

  • Enterprise-E ---------------------- Full

  • USS Defiant ----------------------- Full

  • Bird of Prey ---------------------- Full

  • Type 11 Shuttle ------------------- Full

  • Type 9 Shuttle -------------------- Generic

  • Type 6 Shuttle -------------------- Generic

  • Enterprise 2009 ------------------- Generic

  • Romulan Warbird ------------------- No but I left a hole, build it yourself

  • Constitution ---------------------- No

  • Constitution (Refit) -------------- No

  • Borg Cube ------------------------- No

  • Borg Tactical Cube ---------------- No

  • Borg Sphere ----------------------- No

  • Drydock (Type 1) ------------------ N/A

  • Drydock (Type 4) ------------------ N/A

  • Drydock (NX-01) ------------------- N/A

  • Klingon Bat’leth ------------------ N/A

  • Photon Torpedo (Impact triggered) - N/A

Note: Separate doors are available for some ships.
They can be found in the ‘Doors’ subfolder.
Markers are provided for assembly.

Sounds (Just type them verbatim into a wire sound emitter)


Contact: FierceKatana@msn.com





The .exe looks suspicious doesn’t it? Or maybe that’s me

The file has been reported unsafe.

a 79mb exe, elaborate ‘faked’ screenshots, a wild tale about WinUHA compressor… just to infect kids gaming computers?


Trolls just arent original anymore



Weapon: that actually happened the moment I uploaded it. I think the exe triggered something.

How long do you think it will take for an admin to inspect it and clear it?

Usually all binary files(bat dll exe msi etc.) will be detected and the upload will be deleted.

“If your file contains suspicious looking files it will be submitted for inspection. During this time it will look like it doesn’t exist. Do not re-upload. It will appear when it has been verified.”

Without a UHARC self-extractor, the zip file goes from 79mB to 115mB. It may seem nit-picky, but I respect GarrysMod.org immensely, and 36mB per person will add up.

I’ll email and admin and give it 24 hours. After that, I’ll just upload the regular zip.


WOW! Deleted… almost immediately after I sent the email. Thanks for the thorough inspection:rant:

Whatever. Uploading zip within the hour.

never mind…comment question has been solved :slight_smile:

good work apwn on uploading the ship pack but when are you going to make a new download link lol ???

Actually… the 115mB upload fails every time. Tried about 10 times now…

Out of ideas. God damnit. I’ll try from another computer.

What about splitting the pack up in smaller pieces?

What about filefront instead of Gmod.org? I only suggest this since Gmod.org is giving you such an issue.

Try a .7z file. 7Zip has about a 50% compression rate when set on ultra. If you place that in a zip file it should work.

Heres the link

Its worth a shot. still trying different things before i upload to filefront

Does it really matter that the only download link is garrysmod.org, I mean you can upload it to filefront first and take your sweet time to come up with a plan later.

Damn dude, just upload it somewhere else if gmod.org is throwing a bitch fit.




hiremenow’s advice actually worked and I ended up with a 80mB zip file.

However, while my 79mB uharc file uploaded fine (but got flagged) my 80mb zip file wont upload at all. ‘Page cannot be displayed’ every time.

Now my ‘virus’ pack is sitting on some shit file server and nobody can find it witout a direct link.

I’m sure my 1kb hyperlink-in-a-zip will ALSO mercilessly get deleted.

That can be seen here (for maybe 12 hours). Its also been autoflagged…

Unable to extract this file with winrar.

Gives unknown method errors.

I might actually get back into Spacebuild with these(presuming a server loads it up). Always been my dream to have Star Trek ships in Gmod.

WinRAR goddammit.