Ar Tonelico Qoga Models

Just a heads up, If you don’t like anime the continue on about your bussines, No, no one wants to hear your debate about how you think the forum is only for military models and you hate variety and no one wants to endlessly give you reasons on why you don’t need to hate a style of art just because it isn’t realistic.
Going through the games assets, I have what I think is the main characters so far(havent played the game not sure who is) I still have to sort through the Bosses,NPCS,Monsters. so ill update it more as I go.
All models are OBJ. format(not rigged) {Main characters, all costumes}

The picture below only shows a sample of whats in the packs

I remember this game. My friend thought I was having a heart attack when I started pronouncing it. He even called 911…

Haha look at that character ratio. Male:5mb/Female:32mb

Hmm, some of these models could actually work within gmod. The knight in the attached image plasmid provided could be cool - especially when mixed with the slimes from DQ or other more cartoon-esque rpg monsters that have been released.

I imagine that these models might look like crap on source without appropriate lightwarps. Additionally, Japanese devs seem to be unwilling to use normal maps when trying to do unrealistic character models.

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this stuff on Gmod, but I imagine that it would be difficult to make it look presentable on Source Engine.

Nice work! Might give these a download to see how their assembled and model my own characters using what I find.

Is actually one of the reasons I ripped from the game, I don’t have any skill at all modeling in anime form wanted a better understanding of how they model it.

This is pretty cool nice rips

I asked this in some other post, but i’ve lost track of it…
I’ve downloaded the files, but they’re not packed in that fashion “materials” “models”, so I don’t know how to use them.
Are they ready to use in GMod? Where do I put the files?

As in, they’re the basic model files. It’s up to someone else if they want to port them to Garry’s Mod, as they’ll have to rig it and everything.

put it in your addons folder and see if it works.

At least you provide non generic soldier models.

Thanks for the info. Plamis, it didn’t work.

its plasmid… and sorry that was a joke, like RTB said, these are just models I provided for others to convert to garrys mod ragdolls

whoa, anime models that actually don’t look like complete shit.

D-dont you have seperate files of them…? ;w;

I only want the 7th girl,


I updated the link with NPCs Monsters and bosses. done porting from this game now.

I just joined this site. I realize the post was from last year but I’m hoping someone will see this. Does anyone have a copy of the file? The link above does not work.