AR2 crashfix idea / LUA question.

So, the AR2 crash issues is a bitch, plane and simple.

Someone suggested making a fake VMT in materials/effects and it seems to work. However I thought to myself, why not make it download this fake VMT to all clients then it would stop the crash right?

However, no matter what I try it won’t download a file named ar2_altfire2.vmt. Just not at all, it’s as if there is some internal blacklist for this file on the server or client.

So, 2 questions.

  1. Any chance this can be force downloaded by clients or am I being an idiot?
  2. The LUA Query: Can LUA be used to force a name change on a client side file.

To make that clearer. Can a server use LUA on the client to force him to rename a file.

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I know how to add models to FastDL and they all work, i’ve tested it with the exact same fake material named “sexmeupsir.vmt” and it downloads fine.
My issue is 100% with the file being named ar2_altfire2.vmt

As far as I know, you cant replace the default materials/models. Because the player would keep this material and he would see it on every server until he deletes it. That would be very annoying.

No you can’t.

[lua]local mat = Material(“ar2_altfire2”)
local matrep = Material(“color/white”)

mat:SetMaterialTexture("$basetexture" , matrep:GetMaterialTexture("$basetexture"))
mat:SetMaterialTexture("$basetexture2" , matrep:GetMaterialTexture("$basetexture"))[/lua]

Oh really ;).

I shall try this.
@ Kaukassus

It’s not actually a mat in the gmod folder its in the hl2 folder.
For some reason if you place one in materials/effects it overrides the hl2 one. But yea, due to filename being the same it won’t.

If it’s in the hl2 folder it gets virtually mounted to the gmod folder.