AR2 Pulse Ball

Hello Everyone. I wanted to know if anyone had the base code for the AR2’s Pulse Ball. i want to use it for a different project of mine. Thanks Everyone!


Its coded in C++; you’ll need to recreate it yourself.

The ball is: “models/effects/combineball.mdl”

You’ll need to spin it, and add the effects, and audio.

To “Fizzle” those it comes in contact with; create an entity, and ENT:Tocuh, if its a player then you’ll need to SetName or so to the player, and run the fizzle effect:

[lua] trace.Entity:SetName(“fizzled”);
local dissolver = ents.Create( “env_entity_dissolver” )
dissolver:SetPos( _p:GetPos() )
dissolver:SetKeyValue( “target”, “fizzled” )
dissolver:SetKeyValue( “magnitude”, 100 )
dissolver:SetKeyValue( “dissolvetype”, 0 )
dissolver:Fire( “Dissolve” )

Thank you!

Sure! here is (good luck with this)